Oil leakage on the Mover Gear Unit following Assembly/Replacement

An oil leak discovered in the gearbox following assembly of your Mover or replacement of the gear units, does not constitute a defect but rather results from the Transport and/or assembly.XXX


The oil leakage in the gearbox is caused by the fact that the Mover gearbox is somtimes turned several times during assembly, transport and installation under the caravan, causing the lubricant in the gearbox, which has a honey-like consistency, to distribute itself over the interior walls of the gearbox. A small portion of the lubricant remains sticking there and merges very slowly into a “lubricant bath” at the bottom of the gearbox interior following installation of the Mover. Depending on the temperature, this can take from a few weeks to up to several months. During this time, small quantities of lubricant can access the bearing from the interior and leak there, although a high-quality sealed bearing is used.

Following installation of the Mover, a lubricant reservoir forms at the base of the gearbox housing. It serves to provide maintenance-free lubrication of the Mover gearbox for its entire service life. Since the surface of the “lubricant bath” is located below the bearing positions, the gearbox cannot run dry or leak larger volumes of grease.

The amount of lubricant which can leak from the bearing positions due to the circumstances described above is insignificant with regard to the much greater filling quantity and therefore has not influence on the gearbox service life. The quality of the Mover is not affected by it.

Any possibly leaking lubricant can simply be wiped off with a cloth.

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