Retrofitting the control panel Truma CP Plus – what do I need to know?

The LCD display control panel CP Plus can always be retrofitted in all Truma Combi heaters. It cannot be fitted into older heater models, e.g. the C-heater.XXX

The Combi heaters were launched by Truma in 2007 and can be recognised by the grey casing. From series start in the year 2013 the models have a black casing.

Do the electronics need to be replaced when fitting the CP Plus?

If you already have a Truma Combi heater with the appropriate software version, so only the old control panel need to be replaced with the new one (see installation instructions and user manual. Self-service (

How can I see whether the electronics of the Combi need to be replaced?

Combi Totale(markiert)

Via the software version of the electronics. To do this, please remove the clipped on part of the electronics cover (see picture left ). You do not need tools for this.

Platine Nah(markiert)

You should now be able to see the part of the PCB to which the positive and negative cable is fitted. There is a sticker here that states the software status of the electronics (see picture on the right).

The table below shows which software status is required for which Combi model..ServiceblogTabelle CPPlus

14 thoughts on “Retrofitting the control panel Truma CP Plus – what do I need to know?

  1. Hello, the link to installation instruction and user manual for the CP Plus replacement in the original article above is not working (404 error) – could you please fix it? Thanks.

    • Hello Emile,
      many thanks for your message. We have corrected the link.
      kind regards
      -Service Center-

    • Hi John,
      it depends on the installed devices. Please list all truma devices with serial number, so we can give you assistance.
      Or you contact your dealer/one of our service stations for advice.

      kind regards
      -Service Center-

  2. Hello I would like to update my CP-Plus control panel from software C03.00.00 to C04.00.00 or newer. Is this possible? Thank you

  3. Hey! I’m looking for a circuit board called
    Combi 6/05 V 1.42 you know where to find one
    The car is from 2008
    mvh Magnus Sweden

  4. I am not able to find the sw version om my Trumatic upgrading to potensial Truma Cp plus- its a Trumaric C6002 EH. Is it possible?

    • Hello Mr. Andersen,

      the digital control panel CP plus is only compatible with our heater Combi 4/Combi 6.

      Kind regards,

      Susan Hösl
      Service Center

  5. I am looking for a PCB for trauma combi boiler ceh 340100152450510181980000 or another number on the board is ba6983 or trauma ceh0408bs can anyone help please

    • Hello Larry,

      unfortunately we do not know exactly what you mean. Do you need a control panel? Or others? If yes, please would you be so kind and send us a picture from the type plate to make sure, sending the right spare part.


      Kind regards
      Monika Prandl
      Online Marketing

  6. I have just read the article in May 2015 issue of MMM of the conversion undertaken by Truma to upgrade the heating controls to a LCD control as fitted to more recent Motorhomes

    My Motorhome is Knaus Sky T1 with the Truma analogue control

    Can you give me a cost for this conversion and site where the work can be carried out

    Terry Robinson Staffordshire UK ST15 8YR