Mover XT – LED 3 of remote control flashes 4 times

If the remote control emits an acoustic signal four times after beeing switched on and the red warning triangle (LED 3) flashes four times at the same time, the cause therefor could lie on the batteries, the battery voltage or on the remote control itself.

We recommend the following procedure in order to narrow down the cause.

1. Check that rotary switch and slide switch are in neutral position.

2. Check batteries of remote control (voltage) and replace if necessary.

The battery voltage of the remote control must be greater than or equal to 3,6 V (3 x 1,5 V AAA batteries). If rechargeable batteries are being used, it must be noted that because of the lower voltage of the rechargeable battery (3 x 1,2 V) the remote control is operated right at the limit and the rechargeable batteries have to be replaced or charged at frequent intervals!

3. Check battery quality.

Please use only high quality, leak-proof batteries with steel casing. Low-cost  batteries with a simple aluminium casing are not leak-proof and may also cause problems in the remote control.

4. Check software version.

The error could also appear with software version 1. The software version (HW 1 or HW 2) can be identified on the label above the batteries.

Should the software version be HW 1 or the above mentioned actions do not show any success, please contact our service.



2 thoughts on “Mover XT – LED 3 of remote control flashes 4 times

  1. I have a problem. My mover xt2 2014 mod. The remote has the software versjon hw1 and led3 flash When I try to connect to mover. The batteries are new.

    • Good afternoon,

      you can check the software version of your remote, by opening the batterie case. Here you will find a label with either HW 01 or HW 02. If it is the version HW 01 the problem could lay there and the remot has to be exchanged into version HW 02. Please contact a dealer in your Country. Find a dealer under

      Kind regards,

      Susan Hösl
      Service Center