EU-regulation-mud flaps for caravans

An obligation for mud flaps on Caravans, based on EU-Regulation 109/2011, prescribes -among others-that mud flaps must be existent behind the tires of a caravan.

According to our informations all Caravans are affected, having a registration date after 1`st of November.

When installing a Truma Mover behind the axis, the mud flaps must be cut to size and offset, so that the role of the Mover can be freely pivoted on the tires of the caravan. This technical solution is covered by the Federal Motor Transport Authority by our Terms and Conditions.

ATTENTION: Removing mud flaps leads to a fault by the next generel inspection. This can mean a non apportionment of the vehicle inspection sticker.

All caravans with registration date before 1`st of November are not affected and must be not refitted.

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