Movers for caravans: what is important

You finally arrive at your holiday destination after a long journey. Now all you want to do is get the caravan set up and relax. If you want to position your caravan manually, you will need patience and high levels of physical strength. However, if you have a mover, you can simply manoeuvre your caravan safely into the correct position by remote control.


The benefits of a manoeuvring tool

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Installation of Truma Mover® – also in your vehicle

It is possible to fit the Truma Mover® into almost any vehicle. Depending on the specification there are accessories available to ensure that it can be fitted to all standards fames.

On a standard frame with an L-profile or U-profile, no further accessories are required if it is mounted in front of the axle. The universal attachment set contained in the delivery scope fits this frame.

If the unitDistanzsatz_30mm_60030_95000 is attached behind the axles, the distance between the centre of the rollers and the tyres may be too large for assembly. The distance kit is used here to compensate the frame height.

If your vehicle has a standard flat frame, a BPW flat frame Vario III one-piece or a BPW flat frame Vario III two-piece, the unit can be fitted easily before or behind the axle. This is made possible thanks to the flat frame kit that is required to compensate the low frame height.

If you have an ALKO Vario III Chassis, the unit need to be fitted behind the axle. To reinforce the lightweight frame, you will need the Assembly Kit ALKO Vario III/AV as an accessory.

The Mover® is attached in front of the axle on the Eriba Touring because, if mounted behind the axle, the waste water pipe system needs to be moved. The Eriba Touring installation kit is required to supplement the rectangular profile.

Optimum power supply for the Truma Mover®

WW_XT_Steg_2To ensure that the Mover® is ready for use at all times, a reliable power supply must be guaranteed, preferably the AGM batteries with round cell technology. If the Truma Mover® PowerSet is used, the operating time can be extended by up to 50%. It is made of high-quality components which are perfectly matched to the Truma Mover (charger, battery OPTIMA® YT S 2.7 (38 Ah), battery cut-out, temperature sensor and cable set). The drive and lighting batteries are also suitable for the Mover®, e.g. gel batteries or AGM-batteries with round cell technology.

Tipp: If the caravan is not used for a longer period of time, you should always disconnect the connection to the battery via the cut-out as otherwise the battery will deep discharge and suffer damage. In the new Mover® XT the main control system switches off automatically after an hour of non-use.

To store your batteries carefully over the winter it makes sense to remove the battery from the vehicle and place it in a dry and cool place. The battery should always be stored when fully charged and should be recharged every two months (24 hours). For more information about handling batteries correctly, please see the section on tips and tricks.
Solarset 23_Batterieerhaltungsladeset_stehend_74102_01_jpg72

Tipp: The Truma SolarSet 23 protects the battery against deep discharging.


Mover® XT – Useful tips for remote control and disconnection of control unit

The remote control should always be switched off, using the slide switch at the side after operation in order to minimize battery power consumption.

Symbolleiste der Mover XT Fernbedienung

Symbols of remote control Mover® XT

The remote control performs a self-test after switching on. It is important that neither the rotary switch, the slide switch nor a pushbutton is pressed when this occurs, since zero calibration can otherwise not take place. (Switch off the remote control, discard and wait briefly until the self-test is carried out)

If the remote control is not used for longer than 1 minute, the green symbol for switch on in online condition, which flashes four times and comes along with an acoustic sígnal, disappears. To activate the system, switch the remote control off and on again.

Here one more tip in case the system shuts down:

If the systen is not used for longer than an hour a disconnection of the control unit takes place. (Economy measure) The system has to be made electro less to activate it again. (By using the circuit breaker or disconnect the positive pole of the batterie).

Mover XT – LED 3 of remote control flashes 4 times

If the remote control emits an acoustic signal four times after beeing switched on and the red warning triangle (LED 3) flashes four times at the same time, the cause therefor could lie on the batteries, the battery voltage or on the remote control itself.

We recommend the following procedure in order to narrow down the cause.

1. Check that rotary switch and slide switch are in neutral position.

2. Check batteries of remote control (voltage) and replace if necessary.

The battery voltage of the remote control must be greater than or equal to 3,6 V (3 x 1,5 V AAA batteries). If rechargeable batteries are being used, it must be noted that because of the lower voltage of the rechargeable battery (3 x 1,2 V) the remote control is operated right at the limit and the rechargeable batteries have to be replaced or charged at frequent intervals!

3. Check battery quality.

Please use only high quality, leak-proof batteries with steel casing. Low-cost  batteries with a simple aluminium casing are not leak-proof and may also cause problems in the remote control.

4. Check software version.

The error could also appear with software version 1. The software version (HW 1 or HW 2) can be identified on the label above the batteries.

Should the software version be HW 1 or the above mentioned actions do not show any success, please contact our service.



Oil leakage on the Mover Gear Unit following Assembly/Replacement

An oil leak discovered in the gearbox following assembly of your Mover or replacement of the gear units, does not constitute a defect but rather results from the Transport and/or assembly.XXX


The oil leakage in the gearbox is caused by the fact that the Mover gearbox is somtimes turned several times during assembly, transport and installation under the caravan, causing the lubricant Continue reading