Truma iNet X System – What you always wanted to know

We would like to inform you transparently about the new system solution and offer a platform for exchange as well as answer questions for the community in the long term.

You can find the basic product information at

There will be two different panels, a retrofit solution for you as the end customer, the Truma iNet X Panel and the Truma iNet X Pro Panel, which will be installed in new vehicles directly by the vehicle manufacturer before delivery

Both systems were presented at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, so you have already been able to gather your first impressions.

The Truma iNet X retrofit panel will be available in stores in spring 2022.

The panels communicate at close range via Bluetooth. With our Truma iNet X App, you can therefore use the full scope (varies depending on the vehicle equipment). A far-field module, for communication outside the close range, will be introduced in future as well.

If you have feature requests or ideas, then you can actively help shape the range of functions. To do so, please take part in our Open Innovation
Your wishes and ideas are collected centrally via this channel, evaluated and incorporated into the project.

If you simply have questions about the iNet X system, feel free to use the comment function on this blog post.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

8 thoughts on “Truma iNet X System – What you always wanted to know

  1. Hi,

    I am having some issues with the upgrading of my existing Truma CP+ Control Panel to the new Truma i Net X COntrol PAnel.

    The existing Control Panel that I am replacing is a Truma CP Plus with the CI Bus port and it has two cables wired one to the TIN Bus connected to the Truma Combi 4E unit and one to the CI Bus that runs to the Sargent EC620.

    The TIN Bus is straight forward but the CI BUS plug is different on the new Inet X unit on board connectors. I need to know what wires to use on the cable and what goes where on the CI-Bus circuit board side connector. Also I cannot find anywhere in South Africa connectors that will work with the iNet X panel.

    The installation instructions also refers to the fact that the temperature sensors need to be directly connected to iNet X unit itself.

    Again I would need the correct pin-out so that I connect the unit correctly. Again I would need the correct connectors to connect to the board.

    Only the power cable was supplied with the correct connectors and no other connectors was supplied.

    I need to know if you can supply me the connectors as well as the PIN-out information so that I can connect the CI-BUS as well as the two temperature sensors.

    • Hello John,
      our iNet X panel does not support the Sargent EC620. So unfortunately it is not possible to exchange the installed CP plus CI bus for the iNet X system.
      Since we do not sell and ship to South Africa, you cannot purchase the CI connector. We can provide you with the specifications upon request. Nevertheless, it is not possible to use the iNet X system in conjunction with the Sargent EC620.

      There is no need to change the installation of the temperature sensor. Please refer to Fig. 3 in your installation instructions. With only one sensor installed, it is still possible that it is connected to the electronics of the Combi.

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

      • Hi Magdalena,

        I too would like to have information relating to the connection pinouts of the temperature and ci bus connections on the rear of the Inet x unit.

        Please can you also confirm whether the unit can take its “resource” information from a CBE pc180 control panel please and what connection cables I will need?

        Thank you

        • Hi Andrew,
          I’m sorry but we won’t publish technical details like connection pinouts. What we can offer you are the specifications for the edge connector and the cable.
          It’s not possible to connect the CBE pc180.

          Kind regards
          -Service Center-

  2. I need actual operating instructions for my new retrofitted Truma iNet X Panel controlling my new retrofitted Truma 6E boiler. Actual instruction on how to select water, air or combination heating. Actual instructions on how to select heating temperatures. Etc etc. The supplied manual only references how to turn the panel on and off.

    • Hello Barry,
      soon we publish some instruction videos for the iNet X Panel. We are in the final stages of completing this. As soon as they are published, we will link to them in a separate service blog article.
      So please be patient for a little while longer and keep an eye on this blog.
      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  3. Hi, wil it be possible to communicate white Victron batterij monitors ore other equipment of Victron?