LiFePo4 battery for power supply

Converting to LiFePo4 batteries is associated with many advantages. Nevertheless, there are a few points to consider to ensure that the power supply to your camper and the devices installed in it is also optimised with LiFePo4 batteries.

A comparison of the manufacturer’s specifications for both the battery and the connected devices is the first step in assessing whether the conversion is possible in your vehicle.

The right energy management is a decisive factor for the correct function of the Truma devices.
Here are the most important points:

  • Current output: The sum of the maximum current consumption of the devices operated simultaneously must be taken into account.
    With a Mover XT, for example, approx. 150A; Combi D up to 40A in the start phase; Combi D next generation up to 80 A with current peaks for a few milliseconds (peaks).
    The vehicle-mounted battery must be able to provide this power output, otherwise functional restrictions must be expected.
  • Charger: It must be ensured that the charger/alternator used is suitable for use with LiFePo4 batteries.
    • Charging characteristic max. 14.3 V:
      This corresponds to level “AGM 1” for most chargers, alternatively level “Gel” can be used.
  • Solar power regulator: Due to the upstream electronics (BMS), some LiFePo4 batteries cannot buffer excess voltages, so a buffering option must be created here for solar systems.
  • Battery connection: not only the battery must be able to deliver the power, but also the cabling. Ensure a sufficient cross-section (min. 35 mm²) and correct cable connections. A bottleneck, e.g. a cable taper or unsuitable connection cable at the battery terminals, can prevent sufficient current from reaching the consumer.
    A clean earth contact must also always be ensured to prevent undervoltage at the consumers.
  • Low temperature charging: As LiFePo4 batteries behave differently depending on the temperature, a warm installation/charging location is preferable for winter camping. Some batteries have a self-heating function. The optimum operating range is 20-40°C. Charging outside this range will affect the maximum number of possible charging cycles.

Note: A general statement on the use of LiFePo4 batteries is not possible due to the variety on the market.
The Truma product portfolio does not include batteries or rechargeable batteries for powering vehicles. However, as the vast majority of our devices are connected to the vehicle electrical system, there is of course a dependency on these.
From previous discussions with customers, we know that there are some uncertainties about LiFePo4 batteries. We have therefore decided to give you our assessment of this.
If in doubt, please always enquire with your dealer and refer to the highlighted first paragraph of this article.

Truma Cooler answer list

Is there any unusual behaviour on your Cooler that you have questions about?
In the overview of the three different categories you will find information and possible remedial measures:
– Observed behaviour
– Error code
– App

Category: Observed behaviour

  1. The set temperature is not reached or the cooling output is too low
    Air circulation may be disturbed
    • Reduce the amount of products in the Truma Cooler or store them in such a way that air can circulate in the space between them
    • Ensure sufficient air supply at the ventilation openings and place the Truma Cooler in a cooler place without direct sunlight
    • Ensure that the cover is properly closed
    • Check the cover seal for damage and replace if necessary
  2. The actual temperature of the Truma Cooler deviates from a separately measured interior temperature
    A temperature measurement with “household thermometers” is not meaningful due to various interfering influences. (e.g. open cover, measurement with laser on a wall, measurement without refrigerated/frozen food).
    • In the event of permanent temperature deviations, switch to OFFSET (press + and – simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds, “A0” is displayed). Use + or – to select the desired number of degrees (up or down by max. 5 °)
  3. The Truma Cooler cannot be switched on
    Error in the power supply
    • Ensure power supply at the appliance input
    • Have the fuse checked by qualified personnel and replaced if necessary
  4. The Truma Cooler does not work below 10 °C
    Malfunctions may occur below 10 °C and under unfavourable ambient conditions
    • Create a higher ambient temperature
  5. Noises
    As with any cooling appliance, noises from the refrigerant and compressor are audible during normal operation.
    Between 15 and a maximum of 30° inclination, the volume of the compressor may increase (without affecting the cooling output).
    • Operate the Truma Cooler on a level surface
  6. Hardware defect of any kind
    In the event of mechanical damage, the spare part can be obtained from a dealer.
    • Selected spare parts are available from 01.01.2024 onwards
    • e.g. cover, corner protection, seal, rubber foot, carrying handle
  7. Display does not work or does not work properly
    Please contact your dealer or Truma Service
    • Operation via the app or with “emergency override” possible as a temporary solution

Category: Error code

  1. Code E0
    Interruption at the temperature sensor (NTC)
    • Short-term: Operation in “emergency override” is possible
    • Long-term: Contact your dealer or Truma Service
  2. Code E1
    Battery low charge protection has triggered due to undervoltage.
    LO: 10.1 or 21.5 V
    MED: 11.4 or 24.1 V
    HI: 11.8 or 24.6 V
    • Adapt the battery low charge protection to the current use
    • (see operating instructions)
    • Ensure supply voltage at the device input
  3. Code E3 in normal operation
    Can occur with voltage change 230V/12V
    • Disconnect Truma Cooler from the supply voltage, wait 10 minutes and switch on again
  4. Code E3 in “emergency override” mode
    Automatic switch-off after 8 hours
    • Disconnect the Truma Cooler from the supply voltage, wait 10 minutes and switch on again
  5. Pulsating display “000” – Cooler does not start
    Error in the power supply
    • Ensure power supply at the device input

Category: App

  1. No connection of the Truma Cooler with the app possible
    Note: in “CLO” mode, pairing is only possible by scanning the QR code.
    • The Truma Cooler can only be paired with one App or mobile device at a time.
    • Ensure that the Truma Cooler is switched on and the Bluetooth function is activated on both devices
    • Remove the Truma Cooler from the mobile device and restart the device search
    • Update the Truma Cooler App or uninstall the current version of the App and download the App again

Truma App Version (4.15.3) only for Android

After the last update, there was a functional restriction with individual Android devices (including Xiaomi). Unfortunately, the solution was not trivial and more complex than expected.

But now the time has come and we have a solution. The public test version is available here via the Google Play Store. The full release will follow shortly.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and would appreciate any feedback on this version.

Best regards and have a great start into May!

Your Truma Team

2G switch-off in Switzerland – consequences for the iNet Box

Hello all,

now it is implemented. Switzerland has switched off the 2G network on 01.01.2023. For iNet Box users in Switzerland the following applies:

You can still control and monitor the iNet Box and thus the connected devices via Bluetooth in the near field. The function via the far field via 2G (GSM) is no longer possible.
Outside of Switzerland, e.g. on holiday in Italy, the GSM function is still available.

As you have surely followed, we have been informing about this topic for several years –> Service blog article from August 2020

Here are the answers to the questions that arise:

What is 2G and why is it being switched off?
The term 2G refers to the GSM network. In other words, the network that is used to send a classic text message. You have certainly come across the names of the other networks before. For example, 3G corresponds to “UMTS” and 4G to “LTE”.

The 5G expansion is in full swing. This new, even faster network needs space. Therefore, one of the networks used so far will have to be shut down.

Are other countries besides Switzerland affected by this?
Some European countries are planning to gradually shut down the 2G network. Liechtenstein is one of the next.
However, since many systems in use are dependent on precisely this 2G network, the other European countries will continue to support this network.
In Germany and Austria, the 3G network is therefore being switched off to make room for 5G. 2G will remain.
So there will be no restrictions for the iNet Box in the near future.

Is there another Truma product for using a remote control in Switzerland?
Unfortunately not at the moment. As of today, our iNet X system is purely Bluetooth-capable. This enables app control at close range. A module for remote control is planned and we are working on the corresponding implementation and production.
Due to the current situation, we are unfortunately not yet able to give a concrete date. We will inform you as soon as the countdown begins.

Centralisation of enquiry processing

Hello everyone,

From the past, you are used to being able to comment on our articles and thus enter into direct exchange with us.

To ensure that all enquiries can be processed in a high-quality and timely manner, it is important to use a centralised channel for enquiries. We have therefore decided to deactivate the comment function in this service blog for the time being.

You can use our contact form Customer service ( to post enquiries or feedback. Detailed information is requested in advance, e.g. the serial number of the unit. This enables us to process your enquiries even more efficiently and quickly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for their constant friendly interaction with each other and with us.

Your Truma Team

PS: We will gladly continue to create articles on current topics for you so that you are always up to date.

Instructions for software updates on the Truma iNet X (Pro) Panel

You always want to be up-to-date? We recommend installing the latest available software version of the iNet X (Pro) panel. This is the only way to benefit from continuous system optimizations and to use new features. 

Requirement for panel updates: iNet X App on mobile device

Software updates can only be performed using the Truma iNet X App on a mobile device and bluetooth. An Internet connection is required for this. If an update is available for your panel, a corresponding message will be displayed in the app. 

Step-by-step instructions for installing software updates on the iNet X Panel

  1. If you haven’t already done so, install the free Truma iNet X app on your mobile device. You can see how this works further down in this article.  
  2. Connect your mobile device to the Truma iNet X via Bluetooth. The mobile device must remain within Bluetooth range of the Truma iNet X panel during the entire update process. 
  3. Before you start the update process, check if the mobile device has enough battery power. If necessary, connect it to an appropriate power supply.  
  4. To start the update, follow the instructions in the app and on the panel.  
  5. The update runs in the background and can take up to 15 minutes. During the update process, you can use your panel as usual.  
  6. When the update has been completed successfully, a corresponding message will be displayed on your panel. 
  1. The panel will reboot automatically after the update. 
  2. Done. Now you are up to date again. 

You can check the status of the software update or which software version is currently installed on your panel at any time in the device manager on your panel. 

If the update was not successful, then the last installed software will be used to ensure safe operation of the control panel. 

How to connect a mobile device to your iNet X Panel

The connection from the mobile device to the panel is established via Bluetooth. Therefore, the mobile device must be within range of the panel. 

You can establish a connection in just a few clicks: 

  1. Activate Bluetooth on the mobile device. If you have any questions about the settings of the mobile device, please contact the supplier.  
  2. To connect the app to the panel for the first time, open it on your mobile device and click the “iNet X App” tile on the panel display.  
  3. Follow the instructions of the setup wizard on the panel display and the instructions of the app on the mobile device. 

Fixed: iNet X app crash on iOS 16.1

Hello everyone,

some of you iPhone users have reported that the iNet X app crashes immediately after opening since the update to iOS 16.1.

To fix this, please update to app version 1.5.3.

Thank you for your help in resolving this issue – please give us feedback on version 1.5.3 in the comments if needed.

Video instructions for the Truma iNet X (Pro) Panel

The Truma iNet X (Pro) Panel* is the central control panel of the iNet X open system solution. Indeed, the panel forms the basis, allowing you to benefit from all the smart functions of the iNet X System, making your camper van smarter step by step.

Operation in simple steps: You’ll discover how to use your panel correctly in the following videos.

User interface and layout of the Truma iNet X Panel menu

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How to operate the touch display
  • How to unlock your panel
  • How the main menu is laid out
  • How to access the settings
  • Where to find details on your appliance’s status, for example, to check the inside temperature
  • How to activate standby mode
  • How to navigate through the menu

Controlling your indoor climate with the Truma iNet X Panel

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • Which buttons are available in the panel for your indoor climate
  • How to switch automatic climate control on and off and control it
  • How to know if your room is being cooled or heated
  • How to access the choice of energy (gas or electric) (Note: The prerequisite here is that a Truma Combi is installed as an E version)
  • How to activate extra fast heating if you need a swift boost
  • How to adjust the fan speed
  • How to switch the system to the quietest mode
  • How to switch the fans on and off

Controlling hot water with the Truma iNet X Panel

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How you start hot water mode
  • How to set three target temperatures and which target temperature is suitable for which use
  • How to access the choice of energy (gas or electric) (Note: The prerequisite here is that a Truma Combi is installed as an E version)
  • Which panel function allows you to heat water extra quickly

Understanding messages from the iNet X Panel and responding appropriately

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How the menu for warning and error messages is laid out
  • How to correctly proceed with error messages
  • Where information on possible software updates is displayed
  • How to reset error messages

Any questions? Please share these in the comments area.

*There are two panels which are compatible with the iNet X System:

  • the Truma iNet X Panel (for retrofit) and
  • the Truma iNet X Pro Panel (is only installed ex works in new vehicles by the vehicle manufacturer).

Regardless of whether you have a Truma iNet X Panel or a Truma iNet X Pro Panel installed in your caravan: both offer the same user interface and are the central control panel of the Truma iNet X System.

Further information can be found on our website

New update for the Truma App (4.14.3) and Truma iNet Box (2.14.00)

This version is for app optimisation and minor bug fixes.

We look forward to your feedback on the new version.

Update: 28.04.23: Truma App Version (4.15.3) only for Android | Truma Serviceblog

solved Info to all Xiaomi users: Despite extensive testing on our part, there are currently still problems on Xiaomi devices. If you have not yet installed the app update, please wait. We are working hard on a solution and will inform you as soon as the problem has been solved.

Update 14.10.22: If any of you Android users already have the latest version installed and it doesn’t work, you can go back to the previous version 4.10.0 via this link

With this version, the app will work as it did before the update.
It is important that you perform the following steps:

  • uninstall the previously installed Truma App
  • then use the link to download the APK file of version 4.10.)
  • open and install the APK file from your files (downloads)
  • deactivate automatic updates for the Truma App via the Playstore

Fixed: iNet X Pro Panel – Sensor Timeout (E503V, E511V)

Hello dear community,

We have received feedback from you regarding an incorrect display of the water sensors. Thank you for reporting this directly to us.

Only the iNet X Pro Panel with firmware is affected, in connection with an electrical block (EBL) installed in your vehicle.

The idea of the panel is to centrally map and monitor the most important vehicle functions and status displays. Our panel uses data that it receives from the EBL. The two timeout errors mentioned are missing information from the fresh and grey water sensors. There is therefore delayed communication between the panel and the EBL.

To fix this issue, we ask you to install panel release with version

This update is available via the Truma iNet X App, starting from v 1.5.1.

Thank you.