2G shutdown – consequences for the Truma iNetBox

Note: There is an updated info in the blog post from January 2023 here. Below is the article from August 2020.

We are currently receiving many questions about the consequences of 2G switch-off in Switzerland.

What is 2G and why is it being switched off?

The abbreviation 2G stands for GSM mobile phone standard of the second generation. The mobile phone standard 2G was introduced in Germany in 1992. With each generation (3G, 4G) the transmission speed was improved. 4G (LTE) is currently the measure of all things and is sufficient for the transmission of large data within seconds.

Frequency ranges that are currently still occupied are required for the planned fifth generation of the radio and transmission standard. A replacement in the existing frequency range is therefore much cheaper than a complete new setup.

Why is 2G switched off in Switzerland and 3G in Germany?

Mobile networks are the property of the respective providers. Therefore this decision is up to them. Manufacturers who use 2G in their products have to comply.

Of course, the economy also has a certain influence on this decision. In Germany, for example, a large part of industrial applications rely on the 2G network, as this is the main means of control.

2G is easy to implement, secure, robust and “available everywhere”. This was also the status quo at the time of development of our Truma iNetBox.

Who is now affected by the shutdown and what happens next?

This is not so easy to answer. The Swiss mobile phone providers Salt and SwissCom have already announced a date for switching off the 2G mobile phone standard. There is also information and statements from other European countries regarding the switch-off of 2G. However, these change regularly.

If you have any information for us, please feel free to comment here below the article. We will also update our findings there.

Recently it was confirmed that Sunrise remains an alternative and will provide 2G until at least 2022.


In Germany, 2G will remain. Instead, it was decided to shut down 3G.

This leads to the following restrictions:

If you live in Switzerland or spend your vacations there, you can no longer use the remote control of the Truma iNetBox (if there are no alternative providers available, e.g. via roaming) because the box can no longer dial into the network.

Is there an adapter from 2G to 3G or higher?

Yes, for industrial applications there are now gateway solutions which are used as stand-alone devices to amplify the radio frequency. Unfortunately, this does not make sense technically and economically for the Truma iNetBox. Many companies are currently working on a cloud-based solution for their systems in order to be able to continue to use the service and function of mobile device control.

How is Truma dealing with this situation?

Truma informed its sales partners about the 2G switch-off and its consequences for the iNet Box at the turn of the year 19/20 via print and online channels.

A successor product is also being planned. However, there will be no upgrade of the existing devices.

14 thoughts on “2G shutdown – consequences for the Truma iNetBox

  1. Hi. Will it be possible to just change the the control box from iNet to iNetx and use the old cabling. Will there be a slot for 4G sim card in it. And will it be possible to send an receive sms over 4G in the iNet x box or will it be a new app that communicate over 4G.

    • Hallo Sven,
      then TIN cable can be plugged in to the new iNet X Panel as well. The 12V power supply has a different socket. But there is a cable for the panel included in the scope of delivery.
      Currently, the panel is only Bluetooth-capable. How remote communication will work is currently still being planned. We are not yet able to say exactly when this will be presented.

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  2. For me, discovering this was just another example of how Truma do not ‘get’ modern technology, nor understand their customers.
    From incomprehensible error codes (with hard to find information about the meanings), to building a device based solely on an obsolete technology (2G) and selling this without advising customers of the restrictions.
    Just another example of what happens when one company is too dominant in the market: complacency.

    • … oh… not to mention having a field to enter the SIM PIN code, which guarantees confusion, since the only PIN code accepted is… none!
      Wasted hours on that gem, before support advised removing the PIN as it wasn’t supported!

    • Hello David,
      Thank you for your comment and open feedback.
      We are very sorry for your assessment of our company.

      As you can see, we are taking the path of open communication and have been providing information on this topic since 2020.
      The iNet Box hardware is already several years old and was developed to meet the technical requirements that were appropriate at the time. As it is, requirements change with time.
      Since this year we have a new generation of control panel on the market –> iNet X
      This is a bluetooth-capable touch panel that offers not only a concrete error display (no longer just codes) but also other features.
      Unfortunately, it is not yet suitable as a full replacement for our Swiss customers who are affected by the 2G shutdown. The panel can already be controlled via Bluetooth at close range. Remote control is currently under development and will be available at a later date.

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  3. are you kidding me? So how come when I bought the inet box plus gas level indicator only a few months ago there was no warning that the 2g functionality was already unusable in some areas with most others to follow!? What a waste of money!

    • Hello Paul,
      currently only Switzerland is switching off the 2g functionality. As you can see, we have been informing about this issue for two years.
      The functionality in all other European countries is still there. It is not the iNet Box that is changing its behaviour, it is the country. After a short research I found out that the UK will provide 2g functionality at least until 2025.

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  4. In Sweden 2g and 3g will be switch off, telia will switch of 2g 2025 and 3g start to switch of this year. Make an update with a 4g chip and possibility to send the inet box to you for update.

    • Hello Sune.
      There will be a successor product -> https://www.truma.com/se/sv/produkter/inet-x-system
      The current hardware of the iNet Box is not able to work with 3G / 4G. So the only way to solve the problem is with new hardware. The iNetX system was presented at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf at the end of August this year.

      Kind regards,
      -Service Center

  5. Good day
    How far is Truma with a follow-up to solve the 2G problem? We are getting a new caravan in the next few weeks and would like to be able to control its heating remotely for winter camping. As we live in Switzerland, I don’t want to buy a box that I can only use for one more winter.
    Thank you very much for your answer.

    • Hello Adrian,

      there will be a successor product –> https://www.truma.com/int/en/home/truma-inetx-app
      The current hardware of the iNet Box is not able to work with 3G/4G. So the only way to solve the issue is by a new hardware. The iNetX System will be presented at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf at the end of August this year.
      So your caravan will probably still have the iNet Box installed. I cannot yet say whether and in what form there will be an exchange campaign for our Swiss customers.

      Many greetings
      -Service Center-

      • Hello Magdalena, any news about the 2G problem? Customers are eager to have a clear answer for the 2022 orders 😉

        • I live in Switzerland and I am in the process of signing a purchase contract and I would like to know if I can trust Truma and that the system that will be installed this summer on my caravan will work?

          • Hello François-Xavier,
            there is a new control panel called “iNet X”. It’s a Bluetooth capable control panel.
            For remote control (previously via SMS on the iNet Box), a remote field module will be introduced in the middle of the year. This is not yet available, but can be easily retrofitted from the start of sales.
            It is important to check which one of the systems will be installed in the vehicle.
            – CP plus and iNet Box –> works via 2G
            – iNet X (currently Bluetooth-capable) + later the far field module

            This information can only be given by your dealer.

            Kind regards
            -Service Center-