13 thoughts on “iOS 14 – Truma iNetBox Feedback-Channel

  1. Dear Truma,

    Have you considered upgrading the iNet box to support a Wi-Fi connection ? Wi-Fi is getting a far more popular option in motorhomes now and the superior quality of the connection (compared to a 2G/3G SIM) would allow you to offer the same options in the Truma App as are currently available through Bluetooth. In addition by leveraging the Wi-FI you can reduce the number of motorhome devices that require dedicated SIM cards. Whilst I accept this cannot be done by software alone it’s got to be a fairly cheap hardware/software enhancement for Truma to perform.

  2. After the latest inet update yesterday, the voltage of my battery is reading 11.6v on the app (android). It was reading correctly before the update, why is this? The panel in my caravan is reading 13.6v and charging.

    • Hey Lee,
      can you restart your Box? (unplug/plug the Box) and check again. Otherwise you found an bug :S and we need further details of your system.

      Thx a lot for you feedback, we really appreciate your support.

      Ludwig Schmid
      -Service Center-

  3. Hi, I have bluetooth connection and update problems with IOS 14 during the upgrade from 2.4.0 to 2.8.0 firmware version on the Inet box. I recieve a message “download en upgrade aborted on the app. I did a total reset of the Inet box, removed the inet device from my telephone but unfortunately no succes. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Johan,
      Many thanks for your question.
      The steps you have taken are a good basis. Please also uninstall the Truma App from your iPhone. Reset the iNet Box again and then reinstall the app. After establishing the Bluetooth connection, it should be easy to transfer the update to the iNet Box.
      Many greetings
      -Service Center-

      • Ive done all this, but still no connecties. iPhone 11 ios14. Ive done everyhting above. Still no connecties and error

        • Hello Karin,
          have you already installed the latest update (App Version 4.9.3)?
          You can also try to uninstall the Truma App, shut down your iPhone completely, reset the iNet Box and ignore the listet bluetooth device iNet Box in the bluetooth menue of your iPhone.
          Then try to get the connection again via the Truma App.
          I’m happy to hearing from you, if it works now.
          Many greetings,
          -Service Center-

  4. Would it be possible to have a note box on the SIM card balance page to make a note of the code to request balance? or default to last entered code.

  5. Hello together,
    currently we have reports that under iOS 14.01 there may be some limitations in the BT connection. Unfortunately we had nothing in the beta test and it worked as usual. After the last update to iOS 14.1 we have revised our messages.

    Ludwig Schmid
    -Service Center-