Truma iNetBox – What you ever wanted to know

Hello campers, do you have questions about Truma iNetBox? Just use the comment function. We will be happy to answer them.

The Power LED is permanently turned “green”. The GSM LED flashes “red”. Is that ok?

A: Everything is fine! -> As long as you have not yet completed the GSM setup, the red LED will continue to flash. If you have completed the setup, it will go out.

The box is permanently supplied with 12V, even if the main switch is set to “Off”. How can the box be switched off?

A: It is not intended to switch off the box, otherwise you will not be able to use the remote control. In case of a main switch you can connect the box to the corresponding circuit.

Do I need the box, even if I don’t have an app installed?

A: Box and APP are inseparably connected. Without an app you cannot use a box. You can also use the app on its own, the range of functions is accordingly smaller.

There is a new update for Box and App available? How do I find out which one I have and what is up to date?

A: Start the Truma App and go to “Settings\Truma iNet Box Update”, there you will find all information below the “START UPDATE” button.

Truma App version = Describes the current state of your app
iNet Box FW = Software version of your iNetBox firmware
Server = The available firmware version (update) on the Truma server
Local = Describes which firmware version you have downloaded

9 thoughts on “Truma iNetBox – What you ever wanted to know

  1. Hi I bought the Truma Level Control not realising that it needs the Truma iNet Box to operate.
    If I purchase the iNet Box will it operate with my Truma Ultrastore system. If so is it a relatively simple job to connect?

    Ronnie Grady

  2. Hi
    I held the button on the controller I think for too long, now it shows only APP. How can I get back to the manual control panel please?

  3. I have the error code for low voltage. Even when I am plugged to shore power. It says replace batteries. But my voltage is good 12.8 volts

    • Hi Fred,
      do you have more than one battery installed?
      If the Truma inetBox is sending an low voltage error, it always remains to the battery the box is connected to.

      Ludwig Schmid
      -Service Center-

  4. Hi,

    If I don’t shut the control panel down before powering down the van then I get error W225H. My husband used to be able to reset this by switching something on or in the vicinity of the power supply unit. However he’s no longer around and I can’t remember what he did with it. Any advice would be much appreciated.



    • Hello Caroline,
      W255H indicates that your heater is not accessible via the CP Plus panel. If you turn off the van and receive this message, your heater is in a separate circuit. It is likely that the CP Plus has been “manually” disconnected from the power in the past. A conversion in a specialist workshop makes sense at this point, so that Truma CP Plus and the heating system run in the same circuit that can be switched off.

      Ludwig Schmid
      -Service Center-

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