Movers for caravans: what is important

You finally arrive at your holiday destination after a long journey. Now all you want to do is get the caravan set up and relax. If you want to position your caravan manually, you will need patience and high levels of physical strength. However, if you have a mover, you can simply manoeuvre your caravan safely into the correct position by remote control.


The benefits of a manoeuvring tool

A caravan mover should not only be lightweight and compact, it should also need little maintenance and be very durable – like the manoeuvring system Mover® XT by Truma. Ensure that the motor is highly efficient and that it requires little energy.

You should be able to accomplish the following easily with your mover:

•    Parking with millimetre precision: Manoeuvre easily, even in very narrow driveways.
•    Easy steering: Easy and without any physical effort by use of a remote control.
•    Precise control: Soft and dynamic start-up and acceleration.
•    Manoeuvring on any terrain: Be it snow, gravel, grass or sand.
•    Exact positioning: Jolt-free start and precise positioning so that it can be connected to
the towing vehicle.
•    Finding a secure halt: No backward rolling even on slopes and inclines of up to 13%.

Safety is of the upmost importance tosuppliersand soan automatic stop function has been integrated into the Truma Mover® XT. As soon as the caravan moves outside the range of the remote control, or if the drive motors of the manoeuvring system fail, the caravan will stop moving.

Accessories for your mover

The accessories for the mover system should all match and work economically. Truma supplies the  Truma Mover® PowerSet incl. charger, temperature sensor, battery cut-out and adapter cable for the battery connection for its Mover® XT.

Tip: Avoid deep discharging of the battery. The Truma SolarSet 23 was specially designed for the Mover® PowerSet. The mobile solar system feeds the battery with the required power to maintain the battery charging level.

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