No more empty gas cylinders

Gas cylinders have the annoying habit of becoming empty in the middle of the night. You can put a stop to this with the Truma DuoControl CS which automatically switches from the empty operating cylinder to the reserve.


The Truma dual-cylinder gas pressure regulator automatically switches to the reserve cylinder. The integrated crash sensor allows you to operate the gas system safely even when on the road.

Operate the gas pressure regulator correctly – in these three steps:

Red display = operating cylinder empty:
If the pressure in the empty operating cylinder drops to zero, the Truma DuoControl CS
automatically switches to the reserve cylinder. The display in the window then switches
to red.
Change the cylinder:
You can replace empty cylinders without interrupting the operation of the gas system.
Non-return valves integrated in the gas system prevent gas escaping, if a cylinder is
removed for a short time. The status display in the window then changes to green when
you connect the new cylinder and press the hose rupture guard button (green button on
the high pressure hose). This reconnects the gas supply again.
Choose the new operating cylinder:
Make the reserve cylinder the operating cylinder by turning the knob on the DuoControl
CS by 180°. By doing this you can ensure that the gas system continues to use the
partially empty cylinder and not the full one. The newly connected full gas cylinder is now
available as a reserve.


You can install the Truma DuoControl CS horizontally and vertically. The gas pressure regulator can be easily retrofitted.


The remote display DuoC allows you to see which cylinder is currently being used from inside the vehicle. You can also switch the regulator heater on or off.

Checking the status of the cylinder easily

You can use the remote display DuoC to simply check which gas cylinder is in operation from inside the vehicle. If the green LED shines on the control panel, gas is being drawn from the operating cylinder; if the red LED shines, the reserve cylinder is connected. Also, you can switch the regulator heater EisEx on or off (orange LED). This ensures that the gas pressure regulator does not freeze in cold temperatures.

More safety: Integrated crash sensor

An additional benefit of the Truma gas regulator is the the integrated crash sensor. This allows you to operate the gas system, as well as the heater or fridge whilst you are on the road.

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