Make optimum use of your air conditioning system in the caravan

With an air conditioning system from Truma you can always have exactly the temperature you want inside your vehicle. It is not only the cooling output that counts, there is another function of the air conditioning system that is equally as important: it can dehumidify the air reliably. The higher the room temperature, the lower the humidity should be, because the body can discharge excess heat much more easily when the room air is dry. A high level of humidity often feels oppressive.  The temperature and humidity level are perfectly aligned in all air conditioning systems from Truma.

Truma_Klimaanlage_optimal_nutzen_1000x750Even if the weather is tropical outside, you should only cool down your motorhome or caravanmoderately. Experts recommend only cooling the temperature by around six degrees. This even applies when it is 35°C in the shade. If the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is too large, then this can lead to circulatory problems and illness.

Here are more tips:

  • Air your leisure vehicle before you switch on the air conditioning system. This allows the indoor and outdoor temperatures to equal out and cooling is then quicker. As soon as the air conditioning system is on, close the windows and doors again. Also ensure that the air can circulate below the vehicle. This is particularly important if you use floor skirts. If the warm air gathers below the vehicle, this will impact on the cooling output of the air conditioning system
  • Use the Truma iNet Box [Link:] to remote control your air conditioning system easily via your smartphone or tablet. You can start the system even when you are still outdoors allowing you to operate your Truma devices as effectively as possible. And when you get home, your leisure vehicle is set at the temperature you want, saving money on energy costs at the same time.
  • Park your leisure vehicle in the shade to make best use of the cooling output of the air conditioning system. You should also cover the windows of your vehicle from the outside. It is best to use thermal or insulationmats attached to the outside. Silver screens reflect the sunlight so that less heat gets inside the vehicle.
  • Clean the roof of the vehicle at regular intervals because moss, tree sap or otherdirt can make the roof heat up more quickly.

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4 thoughts on “Make optimum use of your air conditioning system in the caravan

  1. Dear all

    I like to know how to refill the gas for air conditioning

    Roof top ?

    • Good morning,

      Our air-conditioning systems are powered equipments, so that no gas is needed.

      Kind regards,

      Susan Hösl
      Service Center

  2. Good morning, I do hope you can help me? We have a Concorde motorhome which has a Truma Frostair air conditioning system. The remote control handset is not working and we have been trying to get a replacement so we can use the air conditioning. Can you help us find a supplier or is their an alternative option? We don’t have a instruction guide for the system so are unaware as to whether we can operate the unit manually. Kind regards for any assistance you can offer.

    • Good morning Mrs. Groves,

      the spare part supply for Frostair systems has been discontinued. Though alternatively a universal remote control can be used. The article-no. here fore is 40091-86500.
      Under following link you will find Truma dealer, were you can order the item.

      Kind regards,

      Susan Hösl
      Service Center