Installation of Truma Mover® – also in your vehicle

It is possible to fit the Truma Mover® into almost any vehicle. Depending on the specification there are accessories available to ensure that it can be fitted to all standards fames.

On a standard frame with an L-profile or U-profile, no further accessories are required if it is mounted in front of the axle. The universal attachment set contained in the delivery scope fits this frame.

If the unitDistanzsatz_30mm_60030_95000 is attached behind the axles, the distance between the centre of the rollers and the tyres may be too large for assembly. The distance kit is used here to compensate the frame height.

If your vehicle has a standard flat frame, a BPW flat frame Vario III one-piece or a BPW flat frame Vario III two-piece, the unit can be fitted easily before or behind the axle. This is made possible thanks to the flat frame kit that is required to compensate the low frame height.

If you have an ALKO Vario III Chassis, the unit need to be fitted behind the axle. To reinforce the lightweight frame, you will need the Assembly Kit ALKO Vario III/AV as an accessory.

The Mover® is attached in front of the axle on the Eriba Touring because, if mounted behind the axle, the waste water pipe system needs to be moved. The Eriba Touring installation kit is required to supplement the rectangular profile.

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