Mover® XT – Useful tips for remote control and disconnection of control unit

The remote control should always be switched off, using the slide switch at the side after operation in order to minimize battery power consumption.

Symbolleiste der Mover XT Fernbedienung

Symbols of remote control Mover® XT

The remote control performs a self-test after switching on. It is important that neither the rotary switch, the slide switch nor a pushbutton is pressed when this occurs, since zero calibration can otherwise not take place. (Switch off the remote control, discard and wait briefly until the self-test is carried out)

If the remote control is not used for longer than 1 minute, the green symbol for switch on in online condition, which flashes four times and comes along with an acoustic sígnal, disappears. To activate the system, switch the remote control off and on again.

Here one more tip in case the system shuts down:

If the systen is not used for longer than an hour a disconnection of the control unit takes place. (Economy measure) The system has to be made electro less to activate it again. (By using the circuit breaker or disconnect the positive pole of the batterie).

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