Mover and Combi flashing codes

Some of our units have an error code that gives us more detailed information about the cause of the error.

The flashing code is similar to a Morse code. This means short and long flashing characters in an individual sequence (e.g. short, long, ls slls).

This can be used to offer faster help when contacting your dealer, service partner or our service centre.


On the Mover models, the flashing code consists of eight consecutive characters. This is repeated several times, each time starting anew after a pause of approx. three seconds.

As soon as a fault is indicated on the remote control, the LED (j) on the control unit emits the flashing code.

8 flashing signs

These mover models have the flashing code output:

  • Mover XT models
  • Mover SX
  • Mover SER/TER
  • Mover SR


Combi 4/6 (E)

With the Combi Gas connected to the CP classic analogue control unit, the flashing code also provides more precise information on the cause of the fault.

If the control unit reports a malfunction, the cause can be narrowed down more precisely using the flashing code on the heating board.

For Combis manufactured before 06/2018, there are eight flashes of the red LED. For Combis produced later, the number was increased to ten characters.

Combi before 06/2018 – 8 flashing signs
Combi after 06/2018 – 10 flashing signs

You are welcome to send us flashing codes by e-mail as a video or directly name them by telephone.

55 thoughts on “Mover and Combi flashing codes

  1. Hi,
    Got an red flash code on my Combi 6E (CBE 603-19318025),
    Get it only on gas (not AC).
    Get it when room sensor is set down (to ie 2 – from ie 4) so Truma stops to heat. I expect Truma to restart when colder, but then I get a red light in temp control unit switch (the one you turn…), together with this flash code

    • Hey Lars,
      our description and the flashing code leads to –> Flame out or not recognised (fault #202). this could be caused by a faulty power supply earth connection or an interruppted gas supply. Please ensure gas supply with correct operating pressure and check the 12V power supply.
      For further assistance, you can contact one of our trained service stations in Norway:
      Kind regards,
      -Service Center-

    • Hello Tommi,
      it’s error code 18 – Something is not working correctly with the spindle motor. Please contact one of our service partners. Contacts can be found at
      kind regards,
      -Service Center-

  2. Hello,
    We are on vacation in France, after working good, our truma mover SER does not react any more on the RC.
    when trying to connect the steering with the RC the following faultcode appears on the unit
    i can not find the meaning of it.
    Can you help.
    Now we have to move our caravan by hand. 🙁
    Thanks in advance.
    Rob Evers

  3. Hi!
    I have this flashing fault code on my Truma SE R Mover.

    Slls slss

    Whats wrong?

    • Hello Tore,
      the flashing code leads to error 100: Short-circuit between the connection of the engagement motor 3 and earth. Please contact your dealer or one of our service stations for further assistance:
      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  4. Hey, i have a Truma combi 6E, fra 2007/08. When i try to start the heater on gas or combi, it would not work, only on EL. The fault code is LLSLSSSS. Can you help me?
    Best reg. Rune

    • Hello Rune,
      the error is Code 208 – Combustion air motor speed too low or out of tolerance. The combustion air motor kit has to be checked/replaced. Please contact your dealer or one of our service stations:
      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  5. Hi I have a truma combi 6E and the fault code is sssLLssL please can you help

    • Hey David,
      it’s error 0025 – Circulating air motor current too low. We need to check the circulating air motor plug connection. Please contact your dealer or one ouf our service stations:

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  6. Hi, I have a truma se model. The controller is flashing and beeping. The fault code I am getting on the unit is SSSSSSLL

    could you please help

    Many thanks


    • Hello Scott. There seems to be an issue with your security-switch. In this case you should put an eye on the light bulbs of your caravan. The earth connection of these switches the control electronics of the mover free. If a bulb is defective or a ground contact is corroded, then the mover control unit cannot switch itself free.

      Kind Regards

      Alexander Thoma
      -Service Center-

      • Hi Sascha
        I have the same code what is a ground contact ? I have checked all the bulbs and lights all good, can you help


        • Hallo Simon,
          for detailed assistance, please contact Truma UK or one of our service partners. All contact details can be found at
          kind regards,
          -Service Center-

  7. Hi, I have a Truma Motor Mover SER and after taking the leisure battery out to charge it and then reconnect it, I’m now getting SLLS SLLS on the mover (after the remote tries to pair), which I think indicates a motor issue ? Are there any suggestions I can try myself before trying to find a service engineer ?

    • Hello Rob,
      the flashing codes leads to error 0102- Not all motors are connected or cable disconnected. Please connect the motors/check the cables.
      Best is, you contact one of our service partners:
      Kind regards,
      -Service Center-

  8. Hello,
    I’ve got an older Truma SE model (before 2010). Remote control just beep and flash – doesn’t connect with the control unit. The control unit flash an error code: LLSSLLSS what does the error code mean?

    L = Long
    S = short blink
    Many thanks in advance
    BR Anette

    • Hello Anette,
      we are sorry, but we no longer offer any service for the Mover SE.
      The error code says, the engagement motors shut down too early. However, as we no longer have any spare parts, we cannot help you in this case.
      Thank you for your understanding
      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  9. Hello,
    I have a commbi 4 with flash error lslslsls
    can you help thanks

    • Hello Nigel,
      the flashing codes leads to error #170 – Power supply not constant. Please ensure 12 V voltage under load at appliance input and check for AC voltage components that can be generated by the power supply unit or solar system.
      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

    • Hello Frantz,
      the error code leads to error #25.
      However, it depends on your device what the code stands for. Please let us know on which of our devices the code occurs.

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  10. Hi. I have a Truma mover XT and it has this code: SSLLLLSL (S stands for short and L for long). It is on a Fendt Caravan. I cannot use mover at all and remote indicate some sort of low batt, but there isn’t a low batt anywhere! Thanks

    • Hey Sergio,
      the flashing code leads to Error 0061 – Release acknowledgment missing
      Please check the cable assignment on the control unit: (1) Black cable connection pos. 3, 5, 7, 9. (2) Red/black cable connection pos. 4, 6, 8, 10. (3) Check cable for damage / replace
      For assistance please contact one of our service partners close to you:

      Kind regards,
      -Service Center-

  11. Hello

    The motor home we are in is showing error code E603 H

    The boiler is showing a red flashing light to the right and a steady green light to the right

    • Hello Richard,
      the error code describes a locked electronic because the air temperature switch and / or water temperature switch has opened during operation due to overheating. Please contact your dealer or one of our service partners for checking and unloccing the heating.
      Contacts can be found at

      Kind regards,
      -Service Center-

  12. I have error code E 845 H showing. No heating or hot water. Please help

    • Hello Catherine,
      the code leads to a fault in the electronics. Please ensure 12 V voltage under load at appliance input and check for AC voltage components that can be generated by the power supply unit or solar system.

      Kind regards,
      -Service Center-

  13. We have no h/w or heating on our Combi 4 as control goes red soon after start up
    Flashing Error code read as ssssslls. Can you diagnose fault please?

    • Hi Terry,

      there´s a problem with the combustion air fan. So please get in contact with one of our servicepartners to get it fixed.
      Yoe will be able to find them with the dealer search on our homepage

      Kind regrads,

      Alexander Thoma
      -Service Center-

  14. Hello.
    Truma Combi (E)
    7 red flash on the dashboard. Running on gas.

    • Hello Fredrik,
      The number of flashes on the control panel is not specific enough to provide concrete assistance. Therefore, please read us the blink code on the heater’s circuit board as described in the article.
      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

      • Hello Magdalena!
        I understanding. Miss that part.
        Now it has been working until today. Now its complete dead including the analog control panel. The fuse on the heater is ok. It’s not working on gas or electric. The overheating protection is check and ok.

      • Hi again!
        Now we found a fuse who was broken. Now we try to start the heater on gas. But it would not work.
        The red flashes on the heater like this.

        • Hello Fredrik,
          the error code leads to error E81H.
          Still an issue with the 12V power supply. Please ensure 12 V voltage under load at appliance input and check for AC voltage components that can be generated by the power supply unit or solar system.
          Fur further assistance, please contact one of our trained service partner:
          Kind regards,
          -Service Center-

  15. Hello.
    I have a drum See mover that comes with this error: short- long – short – long- long- short-short-long ..
    I do not know exactly how to understand it.
    what could be in the way?
    with kind regards Ole

    • Hello Ole,
      unfortunately the named error code isn’t listed. Please check again.

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  16. Hallo, My truma xt mover is beeping SSSLLSSS. What does this mean?

    Greetings Erik

    • Hallo Erik,
      the code leads to error 024 – Motor electronics 2 – Motor error
      The motor electronics need to be checked by a technician. Please contact one of our trained service dealer:

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-

  17. Hi
    Truma XT mover, remote control beeping this: SSSLLLSS
    What does the code mean, and any errors?
    Kind regards
    Søren Gren

      • Hi Magdalena

        Thanks a lot for the quick response.

        At the moment the caravan is at a local servicepartner, who suggest replacing parts one by one, until the XT mover works again. Starting with the Control unit.
        I hoped for at more precise diagnostic capabilities from their side.
        The control module was replaced in summer 2019 under warranty. So I´m quite disappointed that 3 control modules apparently is needed for normal function in such relatively short period, with this premium mover.

        What is a TIN device? is it the motors? So I can give the local servicepartner a hint 😉

        Jan Pedersen

        • Hello Jan,
          The best thing to do is to check the fault memory of the control unit. Our trained service partner can analyse the error with a diagnostic tool.
          TIN devices are the motors that are connected separately to the control unit.

          kind regards
          -Service Center-

  18. truma combi 4 diesel no enciende
    flash error s l l l l s s
    can you help me ??

    • Hello Luis,
      unfortunately the code is not assigned. It’s only seven signs. To evaluate the error code, we need eight signs.

      Kind regards
      -Service Center-