Fixed: iNet X Pro Panel – Sensor Timeout (E503V, E511V)

Hello dear community,

We have received feedback from you regarding an incorrect display of the water sensors. Thank you for reporting this directly to us.

Only the iNet X Pro Panel with firmware is affected, in connection with an electrical block (EBL) installed in your vehicle.

The idea of the panel is to centrally map and monitor the most important vehicle functions and status displays. Our panel uses data that it receives from the EBL. The two timeout errors mentioned are missing information from the fresh and grey water sensors. There is therefore delayed communication between the panel and the EBL.

To fix this issue, we ask you to install panel release with version

This update is available via the Truma iNet X App, starting from v 1.5.1.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Fixed: iNet X Pro Panel – Sensor Timeout (E503V, E511V)

  1. it happens on Truma iNet X Pro Panel. Has the fix been rolledout already?

    • Hello Slawomir,
      we are currently testing a new version to fix the timeout fault. We will release the update as soon as the tests are completed.
      kind regards
      -Service Center-

  2. Hi Magdalena
    Do you have a fix yet and a software update rollout planned for this sensor time out problem? If not when will you have this?

    Regards Pete

    • Hi Pete,
      We are currently conducting a field test. Once this is successfully completed, we will roll out the new version.
      It is important to provide the fix as soon as possible. At the same time, we want it to be the best fix we can provide. So before we upload it, we need to review it carefully.
      kind regards
      -Service Center-