Can gas cylinders be connected when on the road?

Connected gas cylinders are classified as operating media and not hazardous substances (ADR release in compliance with sections and e). Gas cylinders that are not connected to gas installations always need to be closed and be fitted with protective caps.

The Truma gas remote switch allows the entire gas supply to be switched off comfortably from inside the vehicle at the push of a button. This does away with the need to go to the cylinder box and manually close the gas cylinders.

Truma Gasfernschalter

Truma gas remote switch

Retrofitting the control panel Truma CP Plus – what do I need to know?

The LCD display control panel CP Plus can always be retrofitted in all Truma Combi heaters. It cannot be fitted into older heater models, e.g. the C-heater.XXX

The Combi heaters were launched by Truma in 2007 and can be recognised by the grey casing. From series start in the year 2013 the models have a black casing.

Do the electronics need to be replaced when fitting the CP Plus?

If you already have a Truma Combi heater with the appropriate software version, so only the old control panel need to be replaced with the new one (see installation instructions and user manual. Self-service (

How can I see whether the electronics of the Combi need to be replaced?

Combi Totale(markiert)

Via the software version of the electronics. To do this, please remove the clipped on part of the electronics cover (see picture left ). You do not need tools for this.

Platine Nah(markiert)

You should now be able to see the part of the PCB to which the positive and negative cable is fitted. There is a sticker here that states the software status of the electronics (see picture on the right).

The table below shows which software status is required for which Combi model..ServiceblogTabelle CPPlus

Oil leakage on the Mover Gear Unit following Assembly/Replacement

An oil leak discovered in the gearbox following assembly of your Mover or replacement of the gear units, does not constitute a defect but rather results from the Transport and/or assembly.XXX


The oil leakage in the gearbox is caused by the fact that the Mover gearbox is somtimes turned several times during assembly, transport and installation under the caravan, causing the lubricant Continue reading

Gas testing certificate – this is important when buying or hiring a camping vehicle!

If you are looking to buy a second-hand camping vehicle or hire a vehicle, please note the following with regard to the gas supply:

Carefree holidays with hired vehicles.

Carefree holidays with hired vehicles

Carefree holidays with hired vehicles. XXX
Always check that the gas system has been tested and has a valid gas testing certificate. This testing certificate may only be completed and signed by a gas expert. In addition to the testing certificate, a test plate in compliance with G607 is attached to the outside of the vehicle, assuming that it has passed the inspection (see figure bottom right).
Also check whether the gas system can be operated whilst the vehicle is driving. If there is no safety lock (like the Truma crash sensor) in the vehicle, the heating cannot be operated when on the road.

Gas test plate attached to the vehicle

Gas test plate attached to the vehicle

Gas test plate attached to the vehicle
In this case the valves on the gas cylinders need to be closed. A warning sticker attached to the gas cylinder box states that the gas cylinders need to be closed when the vehicle is on the road.